Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reality Show Round-Up

Reality TV is rapidly coming to a close, and with that I thought that I would give my take on what I thought were the ups and downs of the past season...and there were plenty.

America's next Top Model (ANTM)
This is one ending that I cannot blame on the telephone voters. We can only blame Miss Tyra and the judges for naming Jazzzzlene as ANTM for this season. I was rooting for Natasha, and the powers that be deemed that she would not be THE ONE.
My reaction - the season was excellent but the ending was hrumph!

American Idol (AI)
Jordin wins; Blake doesn't. Neither of these were in my fave list. It was always Melinda and LaKisha. Jordin sort of tried to make her way into my fave list, because she seemed to be getting better, but then, last night, I found myself watching the show (which was an amazing finale btw), and actually thinking that Blake would be the better of the two, because he is such an amazing stage performer. Again, it was not to be.

The highlight of the show was, of course, the Taylor man....complete with harmonica and all. *sigh*.
My overall reaction - the season was excellent, as was the finale, but because my Melinda didn't win, it was hrumph!

Yau-man what happened??? You were supposed to win! But, with Earl winning, it is almost as if you DID win, because you guys were survivormates. My main hope was that Cassandra would not win the million. At least there was some justice.
My overall reaction - Survivor has been my fave since Day 1, and this season was just as good as the others. Yay!

The Bachelor
Tessa Won! Yay! Bevin is still probably whining and crying, in fact I can still hear the sobs. Heck, she was even whining during the 'after' show. But Tessa remained as the sole bachelorette to get the ring and the rose.....Tessa and Andy looked so happy on the 'after' show....good on them!
My overall reaction - Yay!

So, what's coming up? Canadian Idol is going to ramp up very soon. Canada's next Top Model will also be starting. Survivor's next season, probably in the fall, will be filmed in China.

Now maybe I can get back to blogging on a regular basis, now that TV will no longer be consuming my life ...and my PVR space (which I really need to clean up).



latt├ęgirl said...

ANTM: a big hrumph! for me, too.

AI: As long as Blake didn't win, I didn't care. I'm sorry I missed the finale, though -- caught just a few minutes of it before the Teen commandeered the TV.

The Bachelor: didn't watch it, but saw part of the "after" show. Still wondering what the hell kinda name is "Bevin."

At our end of the world, the Teen and I were disappointed with the outcome of the White Rapper Show. Our favourite was in the final 2, but didn't win the $100K. Hrumph!

Anonymous said...

I didn't like "Survivor" so much this time. Maybe I'm getting jaded.

Barb said...

I've liked Jordin for a while now.. but somehow the end of the show seemed anti-climatic kind of for me.

It was nice to see Taylor, but did you think something was missing from his singing and performance?

YAY! Bevin lost!!!!