Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Long Weekend

It's a long weekend here in Canada, known traditionally as the Victoria Day weekend. Yay! I am typing this from our boat, through the wireless network. We have the electric heater turned on, as well as the propane heater. While yesterday had scrumptiously warm temperatures, today they are quite chilly....traditionally Canadian I guess. It wouldn't be a Canadian long weekend if we didn't have the four seasonings of weather. That's okay. It's a work weekend anyway, seeing as the boat was only launched last Tuesday. The weekend is full of cleaning, organizing the disorganization that typically accompanies launch, shmoozing, eating, napping. It makes for a great time no matter how you cut it.

As I write this, we are surrounded by various fireworks displays. With the bangs and the booms, and the sky being lit in various shades of red and green, it is really kind of neat to have this tiny window to the world, which only we are privy to.

So happy Victoria Day weekend everybody. Hope you all get to see some fireworks where you are.


Jeni said...

The "four seasonings of weather" huh? If yesterday is a good gauge, then Canada has nothing on central Penna. as we had three of the four seasons displayed here. A few dabbles of rain off and on, some sunshine, then some grey and towards dusk, a really chill brisk wind! Thankfully, no snow or ice though! LOL
I can feel your excitement to be out and about on the boat though. Hope you had a great weekend with it and many, many more to come now too!

Nikki Neurotic said...

Hope you had a fun weekend. We don't typically get fireworks until July.