Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aw Nuts....

Since when did peanuts in the shell become salty? This is a fundamental question of life that has been causing my mind pain in the past while, and so it is probably worthy of a post.

You see, I have not really bought peanuts in the shell in a very long time. I was doing Weight Watchers, and watching what I ate, and that kind of nut did not fit the picture for me at the time. In fact, I think that the last time I bought them was to put in Halloween bags, and even then the nuts were regular unsalted peanuts in the shell.

By chance, I happened to have this particular bag of nuts fall into my shopping cart at the food store *gasp*. I didn't really pay special attention to the bag. When I got home, I noticed that they were now called baseball nuts, or stadium nuts, or something to that effect.

Now, we were not going to be eating them in a stadium or at a baseball game, but I figured it was still fair game for us to be able to enjoy a nut or two.

When I cracked open the first nut, and popped it into my mouth, I was appalled. The salt! A salty shelled peanut! Horrors! And the shell was salty too! So salty that a filmy residue of salty stuff remained on my fingers. What the heck happened here and when did this happen?

In my childhood, peanuts in the shell didn't have anything added. No added salt, and therefore no added sodium and other baddy things, like preservatives.

I am now boycotting these nuts.

*I live in a cave.*


Nikki Neurotic said...

I don't really eat nuts in general, so I haven't really noticed a change...I can't figure out how they would salt a nut that's in a shell though. I could see being able to do that to a pistacio since their shells are slightly open, but a peanut? Go figure.

Mags said...

I think the stadium peanuts are soaked in a brine to salt them...

But you can get regular peanuts in the shell that are regular.

latt├ęgirl said...

By chance, I happened to have this particular bag of nuts fall into my shopping cart at the food store *gasp*.

This made me giggle out loud.

I wanted to buy shelled peanuts for our chipmunks, back when I lived at rom's, but dang! Peanuts are EXPENSIVE!

jeweledrabbit said...

Salted peanuts in the shell?! Oh, the horror, the horror. :p