Thursday, May 03, 2007

Black Thursday

For many years I have lived with and experienced the grey suit world at its worst. Prior to this, it was much better. And so, not to let me down, today was Black Thursday. One of our players became one of the non-grey suit world. There are no details to impart, and thus this will be a very short post. Now, one player may not sound like much, and most assuredly it is not, but the deal was that each little group was to relieve one or two souls of their duties. So the souls added up to be a fairly substantial number, you see. A rather stunning number. This is similar to losing someone very close to you. They leave you, sometimes suddenly, sometimes not, and then you grieve for however long that period is. Losing a grey suit player is similar to that process, but not quite. There is usually no communication about any of the proceedings. Not much discussion, but stiff upper lip, and carry on your duties. Pick up the load that they left behind and get on with it. That's what we do.

My ESP alerted me that something was UP for some time now, and something was, but I am safe.

This time.


Anonymous said...

Well that was clear.

latt├ęgirl said...

Sorry to hear you lost a teammate. Glad you are still safe.

Jeni said...

Pick up the load, huh? Don't they always make that sound like it's just a teensy bit too of a load you'll end up with? Usually it's a bit heavier than predicted but soldier on anyway is the mantra, right?
Hang tight!

jeweledrabbit said...

I'm glad you weren't one of the casualties. :-)