Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Forgot What Day It Was

...or rather how much time has lagged between posts (thanks SIL for the little nudge). My mind is in a bit of a cloud these days. Work is busy, which is a good thing because it sort of takes my mind away from last week's Black Thursday. I say sort of, because it still sits heavy with me. I am sure there are colleagues that are gone, and I don't know it yet. Word will trickle down eventually, but right now it's unknown. There's a term that flows around these days. I don't like it very much, as it's kind of rude....they say 'suck it up'.....I prefer 'stiff upper lip' myself.

TV has also been keeping me pretty tuned in....tuned into the reality (or non-reality) shows. ANTM got rid of Dionnne tonight. Good riddance. Sourly faces are not very endearing, dear. She was even sourly when she was being booted off. Too bad. So sad. (I hope Natasha wins). No nay-nay!

What else...AI....LaKisha gone home tonight. Too bad...she was one of my favourites. I was surprised that the bee-bb-bb-bbeee-bop guy Bbbbbbblake made it through to the final three, but I am still rooting for Melinda D. I hope that AI and ANTM don't get their final 3's mixed up, otherwise the AI threesome will be posing on the catwalk and the ANTM threesome will be trying to remember words to songs.

Tomorrow is Survivor night. More continued back-stabbing I imagine. More continued begging to be kept for 3 more days. This season, though, has had many turns and has kept the show alive (it's kept me alive, that's for sure). I am rooting for YauMan.

Anyway, just wanted to post something so that you know that I am still 'here'. I'll be posting something interesting in a few days. You'll just have to be patient I guess for my surprise!

Ciao for now my little chickadees.

Ack! I need to update! I forgot about The Bachelor! Thanks Skittles! How could I forget about The Bachelor! Let's see. Amber went sobbing her way home. Not surprised. Her nasal, whiny speak was getting to me. And the hair flicking! So now we have Bevin, Stefanie, and Tessa. I think my cards are on Tessa....but who knows?


Nikki Neurotic said...

Glad to see you around. Hope things improve at work.

Barb said...

I thought it was probably going to be LaKisha going home. Blake will be next. Melinda is fantastic, but I gotta go for Jordin.

Don't you watch The Bachelor?

latt├ęgirl said...

I was hoping Blake would get the boot. He chose 2 iffy songs and as Randy said, the beat box thing "gets a little old."

Dionne didn't just look SOUR when she was kicked, she looked like she was ready to kill someone. Such as Tyra. Boy, what a face, eh?

Barb said...

Nah.. I think it's going to be ugly Bevin. Watch how he kisses her compared to the others.

latt├ęgirl said...

I don't watch The Bachelor, but what's with the girls' names? BEVIN?

Anonymous said...

"Amber went sobbing her way home."

Didn't see it. I trust you to keep me up to date.