Monday, August 20, 2007

To Writ..I Mean Write

Some titles you just have to read over and over and over.

When I spotted this headline (Pet camel kills woman while trying to have sex)
in one of the online papers, I did a double take. My mind whirled with the possibilities, as follows:

1. The camel was trying to have sex and the woman got killed for getting in the way.
2. The woman was trying to have sex and the camel got jealous, so he killed her.
3. The camel and the woman were trying to have sex with each other, and the woman just wasn't up to it, so the camel killed her.
4. The camel decided that the woman would be a good candidate to have sex, so it jumped her.

Which do you think it was?

The camel was 10 months old, and was a pet. It apparently jumped on the woman, perhaps to play, but more likely to engage in sexual activity...and it asphyxiated her.

The moral of the story.....don't have a camel as a pet! Doh!


Jeni said...

First, where on earth did you find that article? (Strange, odd and curious, maybe?)
What was the full story there?
And, who on earth keeps a camel as a pet, anyway?
Inquiring minds want to know.

RUTH said...

I'm opting for #1....but headlines can be so deceptive. Many of the tabloids have lurid headlines which greatly misrepresent the story itself....I guess that's why people buy them!

Anonymous said...

I read the tragic story and yes the "pet" camel asphixiated or crushed the woman to death by lying on her while trying to have sex with her...why you should NOT keep camels as pets!!!

latt├ęgirl said...

First take for me was #1.

Badly written headline... funny as hell post, though!

Nikki Neurotic said...

I don't think I want to know!

Berni said...

I saw that headline and meant to follow it up but forgot. Yeah the mind boggles doesn't it. Actually I have come in contact with a few camels while in the middle east, (not like that of course, and they are nasty unpredictable creatures who like to spit at you and bite if they get a chance, I can't imagine having one for a pet.