Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Vacation Come and Gone

We have returned from our 14 day boat-a-thon vacation, and I must admit that I am still foggy-brained. Foggy-brained may not be a typical word, but my brain has turned to absolute mush over the past 2 weeks.

It was a most excellent vacation. I am so well-rested that I can hardly stand up! So, what did we do you might ask. Well, for starters, we spent 14 days afloat on our boat. We anchored out for every one of those 14 days, always in search of a special bay somewhere. We never paid to stay at any dock. Just dropped anchor in the most adorable of spots. We cooked our own transported food, swam in lovely warm water, and read. I, the slowest reader in the world, managed to read the first 3 Harry Potter books, and have now started the third. Of course, I am working my way up to book 7, so no spoilers please.

We started out the trip by staying for 3 nights at our favourite bay, Brown bay. Because there was no one else around, we got to skinny dip! When we weren't doing that, we were listening to the loons, swimming, reading.

When we finally pulled up anchor, we decided to go to Port Rawson. This id one of the bays that is a popular anchorage in these areas. We don't get to stay there very often, and on this occasion we were 1 of 3 boats anchored there. We were enjoying the quiet of the area for all of about 15 minutes, then the quiet dissipated in a hurry. Around the corner came a 70 foot Viking....followed by a second on, then a third one. In total there were about 12 of these huge monsters arriving. Each of these vessels ranged in size from 50 to 70 feet. They all had multi-level decks, and every imaginable boat toy possible. Of course, once they had settled in, they never turned off their generators. Why? Because they had to keep all of their expensive boat gadgets powered. Now, you have to picture this. We were the only sailboat amid a crowd of 16 huge power vessels. Needless to say we felt a little overpowered (heh). So we did what we had to do to survive. We raised our Air-Chair (the same one that was in the picture for my last post). Well, I'll tell you that these power vessels may have had a slew of fancy gadgets, but not one of them had an Air Chair! Na uh! While I was swinging happily in the air, one of the couples got in their dinghy and floated by staring at me in the air. I think they were trying to figure out what it was and how they could rig something like that from their overhanging deck (since power boats don't have halyards).

By now the bay was humming with the sound of generators. In fact some of the boats never shut them down all through the night. So, this was not what we came for, so the next day we pulled up the anchor and moved to a quieter spot just around the corner. It was so nice that we stayed there for 3 days.

No sailing trip would be complete without a thunderstorm or 2, or 3, and we had one specific doozy of a storm. We had been anchored in Kilcoursie Bay. We had been enjoying a nice couple of days there. The weather was on the horizon. It happened around midnight. The thunder was deafening, the rain pelted down, and the lightning was vewy scawy. A few boats popped their anchors and were dragged out of the bay (they had to re-anchor once things had settled down).

Other than that, we had an extremely lazy vacation, just the way vacations are supposed to be.

Oh, and a BJ update:
BJ is doing quite well. He was totally spoiled with care from my BIL and SIL (many many thanks to both of you xxx). In fact, the little guy even came out to visit them, I was told. So that is truly marvy, because he doesn't do that for too many people. I think he is happy to have us back home, and I don't doubt that he will be snuggling with us tonight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reprise. Welcome back. :)

Anonymous said...

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latt├ęgirl said...

Glad you had such a marvy time! I could just see the picture in my head of the behemoth Vikings surrounding and looming over your (not-so-small) sailboat! With all the generator noise, I would have beat a hasty retreat as you did. Is that what those people call being on vacation?!! Microwaves, sound systems, computers and all their toys? Your air chair sounds like the real deal to me!

Jeni said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! Glad you had such a fun, restful and yet, exciting vacation. Now, get busy and start making up for lost time and post, post, post. Missed ya - just glad you're back and had a great time though.

Melanie said...

This sounds like my hubby's dream come true! Me? Not so much- but if my hubby had his way we'd live on a boat.

Barb said...

Welcome back! Your vacation sounds heavenly!!!