Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dead Person Talking

Lately, the newspapers have been producing some interesting fodder for my wee blog.

Yesterday was no exception.

The article noted something about how Germaine Greer was launching a verbal attack on the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

hmmm. This ought to be something to witness. Diana has been gone for almost 10 years (this month on August 31st).

I wonder how Diana is supposed to respond to thus verbal attack? Perhaps through a seance? Crystal ball? I know! Tarot cards!

Perhaps she'll come back to haunt Ms. Greer.



RUTH said...

Why they can't leave the poor woman alone I don't know. If you can't say something nice when someone's gone why bother to say anything at all! I guess it's just G.G.s way of getting her name in the press.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Poor Diana. I still remember when she died. :(

Jeni said...

Gotta agree with you and with Ruth on this one!
And, I told Latte Girl I was going to have to have words with you about posting url's in the comments section like the one you put on hers yesterday! Dang! I've spent the bulk of the past 24 plus hours reading the stories posted at that website! Interesting is a bit of an understatement. Fascinating is closer to the truth I think.

latt├ęgirl said...

No link to Ms. Greer's attack? I'll have to look it up myself. I'd be interested to see what the heck she is attacking Di about.

10 years... already? I remember the day I saw the massive headline in the Gazette. I gasped and said "Oh, no!" It didn't seem real. Then watched the funeral coverage... I remember talking to you right about that time, you said you'd spent much of the day with the TV on... it was sad.

Barb said...

I'd say this verbal attack is a bit late...