Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Mother of All Sudoku's

This is the mother of all Sudoku's, at least it is for the two of us.

This is for any experienced Sudoku lovers who are interested in a bit of a challenge. Inexperienced players need not apply.

We started doing this one while on vacation. We are both stumped at the same spot, and by cracky we cannot find the next spot. Of ourse, that next spot will probably cause the entire puzzle to be solved.

So, if there are any Sudoku fans out there who want to give this expert one a try...please, be our guest and work on it at your own leisure.

P.S.- we're looking for the logic of the next number...please leave a comment.



Barb said...

EEK! No help from me.

I have surprise news on my blog!

latt├ęgirl said...

Will not apply.

Unknown said...

I got it! The logic is - you have a choice in row 5 of a 3 or 7 in col 2 and 3. I tried the 7 in col 2 and the 3 in col 3 - this did not work - back to the drawing board, but now I only had one option left - so I put the 3 in col 2 and the 7 in col 3 - the rest was pretty much a breeze - do you want to see the completed puzzle?

Unknown said...

I can't resist a good puzzle...