Monday, August 27, 2007

BBQ Blues

BBQ Blues...not really...happy actually.

After many years, it was time to upgrade our BBQ. Things get old. Things get tired. Our BBQ was both old and it had a mouse living somewhere inside of it.


Window shopping, without actually buying any of the window contents, is a wonderful experience, and if I were born in another era, I might have been a guy. I love to shop for cars, and BBQ's. If it were in my realm of possibility, I would have purchased the BBQ of all BBQ's. You know the kind....dual burners, wine fridge, rotisserie, wet bar capability, of course stainless steel. All of this would be built into an outdoor fireplace pit, nestled in the middle of the multi-level deck.

I could go on, but I am running out of virtual $$$, and need to get a grasp on reality.

In the end, we bought the cheapest BBQ that we could find. No, it was not stainless steel, and nor did it have any of the fancy bells and whistles that I dream of.

But it did have a side burner.....such extravagance.

May summer live on through December...


latt├ęgirl said...

So in fact, what you bought wasn't really the cheapest BBQ around. Because then it would have been a Hibachi. Without a stand, even.

masgblog said...

as far as gas BBQ's, it was the cheapest....Hibachis weren't even in the running.

RUTH said...

The price of BBQs has fallen rapidly here and so many of them are half price due our lousy summer. Have lots of BBQ fun! :o)

Jeni said...

So, when's the "Breaking in the BBQ" cookout gonna be? And, what's gonna be on the menu?

terry said...

are you inviting us all to that "breaking in the bbq" party?" huh? huh??