Friday, August 24, 2007

My Boyfriend's Having A Baby!

It's been quite a week in the newspapers and magazines. Strange headlines, with even stranger stories.

The title for today's post has to do with Gisele model. Gisele is currently dating a guy who has an ex-girlfriend who is having his baby.

Can you just imagine this? Can you just imagine the scenarios?

"It's not mine...really."

"Uh, Gisele? I can't see you tonight because I have to diaper the baby."

"My ex wants me to attend birthing classes with her. Can we go to dinner some other night?"

"Don't interrupt me while I am reading how to be a good father to my ex's baby."

It's all a little surreal to me.

No wonder our world is so screwed up.



Nikki Neurotic said...

Sadly, I think this type of situation is becoming fairly common.

Anonymous said...

If she would have turned her back early on she wouldn't be going through this nightmare. It's too bad she stayed, now her reputation is tied to this.

Jeni said...

People in general, tend to amaze me at times but let them have the least bit of celebrity standing and it ups the level of incredulity upteen times over!

Anonymous said...

I think that might be a bit hard to deal with.