Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Zowie Batman!

I am over the 4000 mark on my side ticker. Yay! You sure wouldn't know it from the number of comments that I receive. Must be a large number of blurkers I assume.

That's ok too.

Not much to blog today. Had to work on some HTML for my volunteer stuff, and it was a number crunching day at work.

However, I certainly didn't miss American Idol tonight, nor did I miss ANTM (glad Diana is still in though).

But, I have only these words to say regarding the American Idol vote:

I don't believe it.


Anonymous said...

Newsflash! There must be other people like me who come by once (often twice) a day, but find new entries only every 3 days now.

Not quite blurkers.


Jeni said...

Getting a count of 4000 on your sitemeter - pretty doggone good there kid! I figure I must have a whole lot of blurkers on my blog too cause the numbers for comments doesn't come near to the regular counts. But Blurkers are ok too - maybe one of these days one of 'em will comment.

masgblog said...

felicia - sometimes life happens....

jeni....hi! The commentless blurkers are ok in my book. Maybe they're shy....hee!

latt├ęgirl said...

I prolly have 4000 too, but at least half of them are me, myself, and I.