Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Laughed So Hard I ....

I turned on my computer tonight, and began reading through a melange of comments.....and I am laughing.

Now, I managed to get over the laughter that resulted from having viewed Sanjaya Malakar's hairstyle...the seven ponytails, thus defining a pony-hawk....*groan*. He must really be desperate to have to garner attention via the old hairdo trap. Anyway, enough of that. Maybe he'll finally go home tomorrow.

But back to the reason for my laughter. Your comments! About our wee possible mousy friend, who may be a Momma, who may be using our attic as the local rodent drop-in-center, so that she can drop out her litters. My Sweetie heard the tcht-tcht-tcht-tcht noise again last night (I always do that special sound effect for the benefit of Skittles, who seems to really really like it.. I've been spared. But the Pest Guy (actually the Pest Lady) will be coming on Friday to inspect the attic, and find out what kinds of parties have been going on up there. Now, this also gives me the creeps. I am not a big fan of creepy basements (you know the kind...the dark and scary kinds of basements, where no one would ever dare tread OR set up a Sensurround entertainment center...or a couch) and I have to confess that I have never been up into any our our attics, so the thought of this chick coming here on Friday, and braving our attic has me a little freaked. I mean, can you say eee yew! p.s. - I will not be viewing this current attic either. It will just have to remain one of those little unsolved mysteries.

Now, when I was little, I saw a bat. It took shelter in one of our Christmas decoration boxes that we used to store in the shed (not the kind of shed that people use today). When we brought the box inside, we heard scratching noises. My Dad peeked in side the box, quickly closed it up, and took it to the back of the house. He turned the box upside down, and we saw huge wings open up to allow the body to fly away. Creepy. ..bats are pretty freaky.

I also hope it's not a rat. I've handled lab rats in university as part of an Experimental Psychology course, but the kind that live in attic are nowhere near as cute, or trained. Thanks Silver.

Your comments about the Label re-rant also have me tittering. Labels on thongs? Gosh, there's not a lot of places to actually PUT a label, so if there were any they'd kinda be right there, well you know where there is. Itchy or what? Can you say diaper rash!

Anyway, I think I am done here tonight. I am also done with Dancing with the Stars. I watched it last week, and wasn't THAT enthralled with it. But I PVRd it for this week, to see if it would grab me, but it still didn't grab my attention, save for waiting for Heather Mills prosthetic leg to go flying off during the Fox Trot, which it didn't.

I think I'm done here.



Nikki Neurotic said...

"save for waiting for Heather Mills prosthetic leg to go flying off during the Fox Trot, which it didn't."

That's kind of mean...but it made me laugh.

latt├ęgirl said...

Made me laugh too. Even though I don't watch the show, I've seen comments like that here and there in the 'sphere. So we're all mean.

I'm so clueless, I was astounded to learn that Heather Mills HAD a fake leg. The only reason I even knew who she was, was because of her divorce from the Beatle.

So now I'm REALLY wondering if DWTS is just another one of those reality shows for Has-Beens, like The Surreal Life (which I am growing terribly addicted to).

Barb said...

You are hilarious!!!! Hahaha at the leg. I am too!!!!

tcht tcht..