Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oooo That Tongue!

Tonight will host another American Idol boot-off. Who will it be? Let's all scratch out heads in unison, shall we, or at least pull our collective thoughts together in an attempt to think the lucky person 'off'.

Now, granted, they all stepped up, and as you will see at the end of my post, I have my ultra-faves, and they haven't let me down yet. But come on...that tongue on Sanjaya! And the low slung halter top on Haley? My my!

We are constantly reminded that this is a singing competition, and by all rights it is, but I don't think that anyone doesn't watch the show. What I mean by this is that no one listens to the show without the visual. Let's face it....we need that visual. I tried to actually listen to some of the competitors while not looking at them, and it's pretty darn hard to do. In fact, it's somewhat painful, and I kept peeking!

Try won't like it!

So, with that, I leave you my Faves and Fave-Nots (in no particular order):

Blake Lewis

Chris Richardson
Author's Post Show Comment => Chris should NOT have been in this week's bottom 2!

Gina Glocksen

Jordan Sparks

LaKisha Jones

Melinda Doolittle

Stephanie Edwards
Author's Post Show Comment => Stephanie should NOT Have GONE HOME tonight! She shouldn't have been in this week's bottom 2 either! What were those 30 million voters watching last night?!?

Chris Sligh

Haley Scarnato

Phil Stacey

Sanjaya Malakar
Author's Post Show Comment => What is this guy still doing here?!?

p.s. - that sobbing little girl in the audience is lucky that someone doesn't vote her off.


Shelby said...

Can someone please tell me where Skittles is and why she has disappeared? I miss her and want her back.

Jeni said...

Hey Mau - got a question for you and you're gonna have to e-mail the answer. But, on my post I did last night, early this a.m., there is no thing on there for people to click to comment. Got any ideas why that would or could happen?

Barb said...

I cannot believe Sanjaya is still there. And that crying girl is on all the talk shows now. What's wrong with this world? ;)