Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Yodel

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge American Idol fan (and yes, Canadian Idol). I never miss a night (thanks to my Beloved PVR). But I'll tell ya, tonight I am a person left stunned by one of the results. If I recall, this happened last year too, when some of my favourites unbelievably got voted off, and I was left in dismay.....didn't matter in the end because TAYLOR won it, and so I was immensely thrilled.

But tonight? AJ?

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? WHAT WERE THESE VOTERS LISTENING TO? They couldn't have been watching American Idol! No way!


Maybe I was tuned into the wrong show or something.

Sanjaya stays and AJ goes......hrumph. Not happy.

The show had been going a little strange all evening, so I should have known that things were going to go down a strange path. The Alaina sniffle fest was the beginning of the end. Then Kelly Pickler (who I also used to adore) came out looking like Dolly Parton! Holey moley.

I don't know how the rest of the show is going to end up, but I guess that's one of the risks when the public gets to have their say.

Bye were one of my top picks.
*sniffle fest*


Jen!! said...

what the BLOG!? members?

remember us, the ones who gave you really cool buttons to put on your blogs to show that you belonged to some kind of community and then promptly disappeared into oblivion?

yeah, sorry about that.

but, we're back.
Check it out here.


- Tiffany, Mikala, & Jen from What the BLOG!?

Anonymous said...

I might criticize your viewing habits if I weren't addicted now to CNBC's constant stock market watch.


latt├ęgirl said...

Don't listen to Creech. He's addicted to General Hospital.

Explain "yodel" please.

Barb said...


I could NOT believe it either!!! I think I was actually in shock that Sanjaya got to stay. You could even hear it from the audience's reaction.

In other news.. me & hubby were grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and I almost started jumping up and down in aisle 7 because "Do You Make Me Proud" started playing. I grabbed Mike's arm and said, "It's TAYLOR!!!"

masgblog said...

skit - I concur about the elimination. Woo hoo for Taylor, though I read that his album sales are not the greatest.

creechman - stock market show?!? That's waaaaay too much reality TV for me.

lattegirl - American I-D-O-L=Yodel...get it?I didn't want AdSense i-d-o-l spam happening again...

Scribbit said...

I've never watched until this season and have actually seen a couple episodes. The women singers I saw were pretty darn good I thought.

jeweledrabbit said...

Hi Mo,

I'm just popping in to let you know I've decided to put my blogging activities on hold. I don't know how long this will be for.

I want to thank you for being a faithful reader of my incoherent ramblings. I truly appreciate it. :-)

I'll pop in from time to time to see how you're doing.


masgblog said...

to mairin (since I can no longer reply at your site)..........

BIG *sniff*

I'll miss you.....:-(