Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coming to a TV Station Near You

Today is elimination day on American Idol. We all know what will happen. A certain somebody will remain on the show, to irritate us for yet another week. This is not my hope, but merely a prediction. The HWH (Humans With Hearing) group will lose out yet again, and the Fanjayas will rule. pfffft.

So, while on this thread, my fellow blooger and I were discussing the Sanjaya guy, and what will happen, and about the YouTubes that are floating about. We also discussed how some of the past contestants from AI seasons have gone on to appear on various TV shows. I came up with some possibilities for the pony-hawk guy.

I think there would be openings on Deedlebops (he certainly has the hair and the dance steps down), the Red Green show (okay, this one is a stretch, but still a possibility), and possibly even the Teletubbies (oh yeah).

Now, I have to confess something. The kid can sing. He has ability, but his sister was better than he was. AI is just not where he should be. And when he grows up, maybe some nice cruise ship will hire him to entertain at the piano bar.


latt├ęgirl said...

I think the Red Green Show might be just a bit too SOPHISTICATED for him.

Barb said...

That was very diplomatic of you :)