Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Too Many Things

Too many things going on....things that are distracting me from blogging. Didn't want you to think that I have run away to Italy or England or Cuba or something. No, no. Still here. Now, there's a few things going on here.

First, I woke up yesterday with a stiff neck. Grrr. I hate that. Throughout the day yesterday, I was trying to loosen it up, but nothing worked. I managed to go to my BodyPump class, which I love, but the class was totally harder than normal, especially the squats, lunges, and clean-and-press...because I was having difficulty getting the loaded bar up and off my shoulders. So, when class was over, and I arrived home, I remembered that I had this neck soother (no, not My Sweetie, although he did try the old Vulcan death grip to try and release the knot of pain)......a little cushion, filled with scented herbs, and shaped to fit around the neck. You pop this sucker in the micro for 2 minutes, place it around your neck, and it works wonders. I did that throughout today, and the neck is much better...even had a good BodyAttack class.

........and CoCo kitty now thinks the neck soother is a great thing, because she is resting on it....*sigh*.

Secondly, TV has a grip on me. Let's go through the list with a star rating, shall we:
American Idol (* * * * *)
=====> This season is totally 5 star...especially the ladies....and, as Randy would say, the ladies blow it out the box....and they did tonight, again.

America's Next Top Model (so far * * * *)
=====> I don't know about this season yet. The marine boot camp thing was kind of strange, and Tyra doing the boot camp thing was kind of strange. I hope things get better though, because I really like this show. Oh, and that Natasha chick is driving me a little crazy. And Renee.....complain, complain, complain. But, I'd like to have all of those hair products...and that pool.

Survivor: Fiji (* * * * *)
=====> Always Excellent.....I am a die hard Survivor matter what.

Amazing Race: All Stars (* * * * *)
=====> So, Rob and Amber are trying for another million, or rather, Amber is trying for another million, and Rob will at least have earned his share this time, rather than marrying the million. Oh, Charla and Mirna....aieeee!

So that's the way it is....catch you tomorrow night for AI elimination round....and Survivor.....ciao.


Barb said...

Neck pain is awful.. glad you're doing better now!

The Idol ladies are soooo much better than the guys. I think once the twelve are chosen the guys will start dropping like flies, with the exception of two or three.

When will they have Taylor on????

masgblog said...

yeah...neck pain is such a pain in the neck...

Anonymous said...

Cuba? It used to be a resort escape for the rich and famous. Maybe again someday, if Fidel will ever just die.

latt├ęgirl said...

You reminded me to watch last night's EP of ANTM. I am doing that now.

Nikki Neurotic said...

I get a stiff neck often, I don't sleep right I guess. I haven't really found a cure for it unfortanatly.