Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On My 7th Day of Pre-Christmas

Okay, so far we have My 1st Day of Pre-Christmas! , My 2nd Day of Pre-Christmas, My 3rd Day of Pre-Christmas! , My 4th Day of Pre-Christmas, My 5th Day of Pre-Christmas, and My 6th Day of Pre-Christmas,

On My 7th Day of Pre-Christmas, my eyeballs gave to me,
7 hoards of humbugs
...6 pesky telemarketing calls
.........a 4 dollar Charlie Brown tree
............3 truckloads of food
...............2 pooped people with tired bodies
..................and a brand new king size bed.

Seven hoards of humbugs eh? What on earth could that be about?

*memories of the Sixth Sense run through my brain*

I see humbugs....I see humbugs everywhere, They don't even know that they're humbugs.

heh heh (oh yes they do!)

I am a happy person. There. I said it. It's out in the open now. I am not a humbug. Bah no way!

But everywhere I turn, I am surrounded by humbugs (now I would much prefer the minty candy version of the humbug rather than the human version, in all its gruffness. A little more fattening perhaps, but much preferred).

Where am I going with this? (can you tell that I am really stretching the pre-Christmas limericks now *sigh*?

So, tonight we went to do a bit of shopping. Now, most of my so-called shopping is done. There is not a lot that I do anyway, but whatever I had to do is basically done. My Sweetie, however, who shall, for the purpose of this post be referred to as Mr Humbug, has left all of his shopping to the last minute...or the last week - give it a few more days---he'll be there on Sunday with the hoards of other humbugs, trying to gruff their way to the top of the aisle for that special something.

But beware. The humbugs are also driving their vehicles, and because they are not too happy being anywhere outside of their lazy boy chair right now, the driving status is RED, meaning beware and don't p**s anybody off. They are driving through red lights, and doing the proverbial ankle biting at pedestrian ankles (zzzzzip around that corner you cad!!).

The humbugs are also, and double beware here, serving you at the cash. They have already seen the humbugs approaching, and they know the routine. Right now, most of them have booked trips to Mexico, and I wouldn't blame them (having worked in a retail environment at Christmas many many years ago).

So, the next time that you need to do some shopping, it may be tomorrow, it may be tonight during the retail stores 24 hour shopping marathon, remember the Humbug....and know that they are out there...waiting.....for YOU!

Merry Pre-Christmas!


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Uh, oh...I still have some shopping to finish...let me know when your guy is off the road. Perhaps I'll go tomorrow when everyone should be working! I really liked yesterday "6 pesky telemarketing calls".

Anonymous said...

You're still too entirely perky for me, woman.

Anonymous said...

I need a reindeer to get my packages out!

masgblog said...

perky perky perky!!!! And that's without caffeine!

Barb said...

On My 7th Day of Pre-Christmas my calendar gave to me.. and appointment I can't get out of.

Yes, you are a happy, bubbly person :)