Saturday, December 16, 2006

On My 4th Day of Pre-Christmas

Okay, so far we have My 1st Day of Pre-Christmas! , My 2nd Day of Pre-Christmas, and My 3rd Day of Pre-Christmas!

On My 4th Day of Pre-Christmas, my garden store gave to me,
a 4 dollar Charlie Brown tree
...3 truckloads of food
......2 pooped people with tired bodies
.........and a brand new king size bed.

It's pretty late, I know. We just arrived home from a Christmas gathering in the big city. So, after a long drive home, we are both a little tired. To be honest, I was having a little trouble with the 4th day of pre-Christmas. But, I knew that if I gave it enough time, eventually an idea would surface. So here we go.

We found a cute artificial Christmas tree. One that has some mini lights already attached, which is a good thing, and the tree is a narrow sort of a base which means that we should be able to find a nook somewhere for it. Yay us! All hail the tree!

And I wasn't kidding about the Charlie Brown tree either. While we were at the garden center, they had a humongous sale going on. At first we were going to buy a potted tree that we could have brought inside and decorated tor Christmas, and then planted in the Spring, but the tree guy didn't recommend doing that. He thought that the tree could go into shock with the temperature changes.

There went great idea number one.

Then, while My Sweetie was trying to glean other ideas, I had spotted some little table top trees at a ridiculously low price, $4. I immediately thought of the Charlie Brown tree theme, and thought that I could put some memento decorations on it. So it now has a new home.

So there was great idea number two.

Then finally, because we didn't really want a real tree, we spotted a neat version of the artificial tree, one that wasn't 7 feet tall with 700 attached mini lights. This one is about 5 feet tall but it not a bushy type of tree. It is designed for small spaces (though certainly the price was not!). In any case, it seemed to be the best compromise.

There was idea number three accomplished.

So in the past few days, we went from tree fiasco, to having no tree at all, to having 2 trees.

Tomorrow we look forward to decorating both of the trees.

And, as usual, with that in mind, I bid you all a good night.

Merry Pre-Christmas!


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

I like it! I have a similar tree sitting on my end table in the tv room - with kid friendly decorations so my granddaughter can touch.

JMai said...

Oh dear... I can hear the Charlie Brown music in the background.

I for one am thrilled to have a real tree for the first time in several years. Not that I've ever had a fake tree... I just haven't had ANY tree.

Happy pre-Christmas days! There's really nothing like this time of year!

terry said...

it's so cute! all it needs is a little love...

Barb said...

That poor little tree.. I'm so glad you gave it a home :)

Mike said...

You can get some mini bulbs and put on it. It'll look good. HEY CHARLIE BROWN lol.