Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thirteen Thursday (my second one!)

13 of my 'hobbies' or things that bring me enjoyment:

  1. Knitting

  2. Cross stitch

  3. Coins

  4. Buttons (the pin type)

  5. Princess Diana books and Royalty books

  6. Organizing (yes it's a hobby)

  7. Plastic canvas

  8. playing with HTML

  9. Handbags

  10. Angels

  11. Roosters (for my kitchen)

  12. Lighthouses (for my bathroom)

  13. Kitties (for the powder room)


Anonymous said...

Plastic Canvas ?

I love roosters and have roosters and chicken kitchen also.

Happy TT

masgblog said...

maggie - hi and welcome. Plastic canvas is like cross stitch except that it is done on sheets of plastic that have little holes. I'll add a link to my sidebar. Quite fun.

The rooster thing grew and grew. They have such warm colors in the kitchen.

Diane said...

Knitting AND handbags? You're my kind of girl!

Diane said...

See "Ladies Beware" comment. I've seen women put their handbags of the floor of the bathroom stall in public restrooms. Oh god! I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

Mike said...

An interesting list of hobbies. Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

Please come organize me.

masgblog said...

Happy TT all.

Anyone who knows me well, knows my passion for handbags.

tg - anytime re organize.

mike - I am sure there are more, but I had to limit to 13.....maybe another 13 post.

terry said...

tg beat me to it.

come organize ME!!

Barb said...

Great TT

Jeni said...

I enjoy a lot of the same hobbies/crafts. In my house though, organizing is not a hobby but rather is a necessity thing which maybe if I thought of it as a hobby, it would come to be interesting enough for me to actually do it! "Disorganizing" would be more appropriate for me.