Friday, December 15, 2006

On My 3rd Day of Pre-Christmas

Okay, so far we had My first and My second My 1st Day of Pre-Christmas! and My 2nd Day of Pre-Christmas!

On My 3rd Day of Pre-Christmas, my now-gone-home-dinner-guests gave to me,
3 truckloads of food.
...2 pooped people with tired bodies
......and a brand new king size bed.

So, just exactly how much food do we have left over from our little gathering last night? Well, we could package this grub together and ship it off to feed the needy in Africa! Now, to be fair, we actually came out alright, last night, with a balance of everything that was needed. No one starved, and no one was wanting for anything. We had plenty.
We also had plenty of veggies left over, and I do believe that one CAN have too many stirfry dinners. I am a huge veggie lover, but if I consumed all of the veggies that we currently have in the fridge, I would either be growing a cute little bunny tail and floppy ears, or I would be sitting in the loo for an inordinate amount of time (note to self: TOO MUCH INFORMATION!).

The problem came when people were leaving. Nobody wanted to take anything home with them, including the dishes that the food came on.. They kept saying you keep it and eat it, Dear or you can donate that cheap little plate to Goodwill. I think because we are both relatively slight of build, that we probably looked as though we could use a little extra meat on our bones. (Note to self: Self, I says, you have to keep exercising and not stuffing so many of those delicious little homemade shortbreads in your wee mouth, or those little dark chocolate After Eight chocolate mints).
Now, I DID do a Cycling class tonight, which probably burned off at least one of the darling little shortbread cookies :-(....and if I can manage to roll off of this chair, I will prepare to spend a hopefully glorious night of sleep in the new bed (which arrived this morning, and which the cats have been exploring and scouting out spots).

So tonight there are no more sleeps until the king size bed arrives. It is done. It is here. All hail the arrival of the new big beddy!

And, as usual, with that in mind, I bid you all a good night.

Merry Pre-Christmas!


Barb said...

On My 3rd Day of Pre-Christmas my closet gave to me.. three loads of laundry.

Can you throw some of your leftovers in the freezer?

Jeni said...

Do't you just hate those darned little yummy things that are so overloaded with calories but so tiny, soooo good and you just can't resist having just one more - then another, etc!

Not my "love" but a blogger friend got me interested in a joint book writing project -fiction, which I have never tried, dialogue at which I suck miserably and character development, also a brand new entity to me and I spent many precious hours today making a list of given names, as well as surnames, to choose from when I start to show the characters in my contribution to this effort! I may go blind first if not totally insane with this project! Hopefully, I'll learn something from it though, if I survive!

Heather in Beautiful BC said...'re gonna have a good sleep tonight!

Mike said...

So THAT'S how you read all those magazines lol.