Monday, December 18, 2006

On My 6th Day of Pre-Christmas

Okay, so far we have My 1st Day of Pre-Christmas! , My 2nd Day of Pre-Christmas, My 3rd Day of Pre-Christmas! , My 4th Day of Pre-Christmas and My 5th Day of Pre-Christmas!

On My 6th Day of Pre-Christmas, my telephone gave to me,
6 pesky telemarketing calls
...5 hours of tree decorating
......a 4 dollar Charlie Brown tree
.........3 truckloads of food
............2 pooped people with tired bodies
...............and a brand new king size bed.

This must be busy season for telemarketers.

Today, I was trying to get work done, for the job which pays me to work from home. But it seems that there are people out there who do not want us to do anything except answer the telephone. I think I counted 6 telemarketing calls today. There are two that are noteworthy.

One of them starts with s chirpy female voice that goes 'Hello......'. This is a pre-recorded message that operates on your voice prompt, In a polite world, this voice prompt is usually 'hello', but it could very well be anything that you prefer to scream into the phone at that particular moment *insert onscenity here*...*please*.

The other call that I receive on regular basis is from a collection agency. They always ask for the same person, and this person is not at the number that they are calling. When I tell them this, they usually sound a little dumb, not too with it, and a little disbelieving. But eventually they hang up. Only to call again, and again. Now, I have called them back at times, because they have left a message on my phone, to ask them to remove me from their dial list. They tell me that they have done this, (but they lie) and they end up calling back again and again. Now, I did a little Web search on these guys,and found an article written about the *ahem* company, where people have been asked for credit card info etc before anyone would even talk to them. I was fortunate enough not to have been asked for that. They would have heard my phone being hung up if they had asked for that.

The other calls that enter my hovel are from people selling time-share properties and they offer you a weekend away so that you can go and listen to them blah blah. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough to actually speak with a person, you probably have to say 'NO' a few times, firstly to indicate that you are not interested (you aren't are you?) or else because they are a little hard of hearing, and didn't hear you say NO the previous three times.

Oh well, tis the season I guess, and everybody needs to make a living.

Now, it's always better to leave on a positive note, and with that I leave you with one of my two mini sweeties.).

Merry Pre-Christmas!


Nikki Neurotic said...

Every few months I get a call about a Visa card's really annoying, it's not even a "real" credit card. And everytime they call I tell them that I'm not interested and to take me off their call list...but they always call back (usually in a few hours!) and then I get annoyed and get very short with them. Or I just slam the phone down while they are still saying their greeting.

masgblog said...

you're in good company...I've done the same would think that they would get the message????

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

latt├ęgirl said...

You need to see the South Park take on Time Sharing. Classic.

Jeni said...

I had two humbug days in a row - Monday, was 15 hours of fighting with my internet provider to get my connection to work. Today, was a trip to Walmart with my daughter and 2 small grandkids with me confused because the store has changed the aisles and I was slowed down trying to find things, then, couldn't see the darned labels, fighting with a 3-year-old in the cart to keep her from "rooting" through what I had put in the cart and not tossing stuff on the floor and finally, getting very short-tempered with my daughter as I struggled to get the 2 large boxes of macaroni off the very back of the shelf, couldn't reach it, so as I stood on the lower shelf - daughter who was watching this, snapped at me that "I could have gotten that down for you!" (She's about 2 inches taller than me) and I snapped back "WEll then, why the HELL Didn't you?" Made for a very tense and quiet ride home! Tomorrow will be better! I know it will, I know it will! I will will it to be better, yes I will!

Barb said...

On My 6th Day of Pre-Christmas my template gave to me.. a mess! But I got it figured out ;)

I dislike telemarketers very much.