Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On My 1st Day of Pre-Christmas

A few days ago I provided a little teaser post about The 12 Days of pre-Christmas

Pre-Christmas can mean different things to different people. Now, with my blog, everything that I write about is true. These things actually happen (or happened as in the past).

So, with that in mind, I will endeavour to create My 12 Days of Pre-Christmas, one day at a time.

Please feel free to join in whatever way you feel that you can. And above all....have fun with it! That is key!

On My first day of pre-Christmas, my mattress store gave to me,
A brand new king size bed.

Yes, a marvelous new bed, king size, with camel duvet cover, pillow shams and bed skirt, sage colored sheet sets, and thermopedic pillow. The cats know that the new beast arrives on Friday, and they are trying to squeeze out every last living cuddle on the old mattress. Gosh knows how we'll all manage with all of the room that will become available, but My Sweetie and I can hardly wait. We've been counting the number of sleeps that are left until the new bed arrives.

Now, there is more to this story, of course.

One might wonder what happens to the old bed. Well, it's going to charity, and while we have brought things to charities before, this time it's a little different. This time the charity has a face. We know someone who has a need for a bed and a mattress, and even the sheets, no matter how old. When I was first approached about this, I was a little uncomfortable about it, but then it just made sense, and there was no question about it. This is what we would do. This person said that they shop at the charity stores, and while the mattress store would have picked up the mattress and donated it to a charity, the needy people who come for those mattresses actually have to pay something for them.

So we both come out happy. My heart is warm knowing that the bed will be put to good use, and by someone that we know, and we've also made someone else happy.

Merry Christmas!


Barb said...

On My first day of pre-Christmas my panic brought to me.. need for my anxiety med and lots of sleep *sigh*

masgblog said...

awww..I read about your adventure and felt badly for you....the 2nd day will be better....right?

Jeni said...

NOw that sounds like a really good pre-Christmas or first day of Christmas gift for you and whoever the lucky party is that is getting the gift of a good bed, plus bedding too! Great idea, lots of good spirt there!

Mike said...

It's nice that you found someone who needed a bed. Much better than chucking it into the landfill.