Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rock Cliff

This is a rock cliff at Covered Portage in the North Channel. If you look carefully, it is a profile of a face. This bay is a nice place to anchor, and we were lucky enough to have our boat positioned right in front of the rock face.

And the next Canadian Idol voted off the stage is (and drum roll is heard in the background).................Ashley Coulter....boy was I ever wrong! And....darn...she was my favourite from the beginning. So, now who???


Anonymous said...

Uh, to me? That rock cliff looks like a skull with its jaw gaping open.


masgblog said...

That's pretty much what this resembles. This is also the best angle to snap the pic.

masgblog said...

I think that, in past years, the skull used to look more like a face, but some of the rock was eroded. I'll have to look through some old photos to see if I have any of the 'face' the way that it was.