Sunday, August 13, 2006

Re-thinking Flying

So, this morning, My Sweetie and I were having breakfast while whimsically discussing the recent scare situation in Britain, and it got me thinking about things (seeing as we are currently in the process of applying for passports).

When 9/11 happened, security was beefed up everywhere. No razors, scissors etc, especially no box cutters. Then the shoe bomber incident, and the airports were checking people's shoes (thankfully people are still allowed to (a) wear shoes and (b) pack shoes. Now, the most recent incident, resulting in disallowing any liquids/gels. Pretty soon we won't be allowed to bring anything on our person, no iPods, laptops, not even a purse.

Hopefully, future security restrictions will still allow us to wear clothing.


Anonymous said...

I have a partial list of things that could be barred: how about a lipstick? Couldn't a liquid explosive or piece of plastique be inserted? Sure. How about a stomach? Don't drug mules swallow drugs? How about jewellery? A nice big pendant. Voila. Etc. etc.

Was talking about this over breakfast with my roommate. The possibilities for terrorism are almost endless.

PS: xx

masgblog said...

Exactly.....body searching is not something we want to look forward to.....