Monday, August 14, 2006

My Need to Read

I should read more. I found a list of the Top 100 Must-Read Books. Hmmm, well maybe I'll get there one day. My goal is to try to use that list as a guide for future selections. Outside of that list, I managed to read two books this summer. One was Self Made Man by Norah Vincent, and the other was Velocity by Dean Koontz. I have another book in progress, and a few other selections (not from the list) that are pending. I'll get to them.

Canadian Idol should be good tonight. Chantal Kreviazuk and the remaining six Idols will be performing at a location unlike their regular set. I think it's going to be at a spot in downtown T.O.

The Whiskas cat food ad, where the fellow hops onto the arm of the couch and says no meat, no Hubert......I luv that ad!

An acoustic Cdn Idol night, and here is what I thought: Craig Sharpe: Rocks! Ashley Coulter: another rocker, but maybe had a few probs hitting the tougher high notes! Chad Doucette: a chameleon with an amazing quality voice. Steffi DiDomenicantonio: don't know how I feel about that Bowring dress, but she had a perfect voice and carries the sound beautifully. Eva Avila: powerhouse voice for La Belle Quebecoise. Tyler Lewis: another powerhouse, and such a cute boy. So, who goes home???? Maybe Steffi or Tyler, but I don't know. Stay tuned tuned tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I read Velocity. Not too bad.

masgblog said...

I know eh? I have tried to read other Koontz novels in the past, but have always found them difficult to get into. This one was different. Gripping. xx

Barb said...

I thought Velocity was a bit shy of his usual good writing.