Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Horsey-guy continues to ride

Well, once again, it was elimination night on Canadian Idol. Now, last night, my three favorites were Eva Avila, Chad Doucette, and Craig Sharpe, not necessarily in that order. Tyler Lewis, as cute as he is, was really becoming tiresome for me. Tiresome to listen to, as he is often quite flat, and his pitch is off, but mostly tiresome to watch him riding horses each and every week. Oh, and gripping the air with his very huge hands. But, as we all know, the voting is up to the public who phone in their votes, and so who went home? Not horsey-guy....no no.....talented Chad Doucette with the unique set of pipes received the smallest number of votes and has left the stage. Arg!

So we are down to three, and who's it gonna be? Tune in next week.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks, because I saw exactly one episode of the series(the gang of finalists right after the auditions), and I immediately was wowed by Chad. Too bad he's gone. Definitely a unique voice.