Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Not In My Head - the Sequel

It might not be in my head, but now it's in our nose. The wonderful replacement mattress, which has been providing me with restful snoozes, has an odour, an odour which vaguely resembles mildew. And we are not amused.

This started probably minutes after we received the new mattress. The protective plastic wrap was removed, and the mattress was set in place, and all of those lovely toxins started to be released into the atmosphere. My Sweetie noticed it first, seeing as he has a most excellent sense of smell. For me, I have noticed that I am sneezing more than usual, and am feeling somewhat congested (and it isn't a cold).

So, now we have a call into you-know-who....the mattress Inspector ...Mr. MI. He is due to come back and examine the situation.

Oh, and there's something else! The pillow top has already shifted!

What happened to quality assurance I ask you?
Further to all of this is the fact that we have had the bed turned down all week. All of the covers have been pulled back, right to the mattress cover. The ceiling fan runs on high to try and get rid of the smell....and still it lingers.

This grates highly on my nerves, since I detest not having the bed made. I am obsessive about having the bed made everyday. The room looks as though it is in turmoil, with the duvet and assorted pillows strewn everywhere.

I hope this ends soon.

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Rox said...

This reminds me of the Classic Tale, "Princess and The Pea!"

I hope your mattress woes are over soon!

jeweledrabbit said...