Saturday, October 18, 2008

Withdrawal for a Political Junkie

The lamenting is over. The decision was made. The election and the fallout from that is finished.

Since September 7th, when the writ was dropped, I was actively involved with the election process as it related to supporting our candidate. When I would finish my day of 'real' work, I would visit the office almost every day. There would always be something to do, whether it was door-to-door canvassing, literature drops, or putting up lawn signs. I also maintained the candidate's website every day.

That was just the tangible stuff. I also met, and I think I have said this before, some really nice people, a few of whom I can call my friends. As we got to know each other more, we would greet each other with a hug. When hard times fell, we would hug. We would end the day with a hug. We became huggers.

This past week I have been experiencing withdrawal. I miss my friends, my huggers. I miss the stimulating conversations. I miss updating the website. I miss the excited pace, and the adrenalin rush of having a special guest, like Frank Mahavolich or Michael Ignatieff, join us. I think of the fun that we had, and there was a lot of it, I get a lump in my throat.

Now we look forward to the aftermath, the lessons learned. We will get together and plan for the future, whatever that will hold for us. We will change the things that didn't go right, and will continue with the tings that have always worked well. We will strive to get our government back.

And we will hug.


Rox said...

You could always hop across the border for a month, they could use the help down there!!!

Here's a hug for you!


Jeni said...

I had reason to think about you yesterday as Mandy and I were driving to Pittsburgh. How so? Because a tractor trailer running beside us, up the mountain near here, was from Barrie, Ontario! Even had a picture of the waterfront and "skyline" of your fair city across the back of his truck! I was going to try to remember the name of the company he was driving for -some technical company anyway though -which made me think more about you with your website type of work! Pretty cool, it was though.