Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Not In My Head

About 2 years ago, we purchased a new mattress set. This was an expensive purchase consisting of a king sized mattress and box spring, frame, headboard, 2 sheet sets, duvet with cover and box spring cover. It was a nice set...on the surface.

Over time, I began to notice that the comfort level for me was declining. I would get into bed, and just when I was getting comfortable, I would need to roll over. That's when the evening event would take place. I would roll and roll, back and forth, evidently trying to find comfort. When I glanced at my body impression under the blankets, I found that I was SINKING! There was a deep crevice into which I sank! At times I felt as though I were sleeping in a ditch.

Finally, I had enough. Hubby had no problems on his side of the bed. He was comfy. I thought that this was all in my head.

Until I called the company who sold us the mattress. They booked us an appointment with the MI...the Mattress Inspector. I didn't even realize that there was a job role of this nature. When Mr. MI arrived, he basically looked at the mattress from 10 feet away and said "your mattress is defective. You're getting a new mattress.". That was music to my ears. I was doing a major Happy Dance.

After some measurements were taken, and forms were completed, we were given the go ahead to pick out another, more suitable, mattress.

The waiting was the hardest part (thanks Tom Petty), but it finally arrived, after much banging and crashing to get it up the stairs...leaving the hanging light fixture dangling by two arms.

It's been about a week now. Things are better. The mattress is firmer and my evenings spent rocking and rolling are over.

Now there only remains one little issue.....a smell.....more to follow on this one.

I forgot to mention that we could have simply done a switch for the same type of mattress of equal dollar value, but we were so unhappy, that, for a nominal dollar upgrade, we got a better mattress. It has a thicker pillow top and is a taller mattress in general (interpreted this as 'the sheets now have a snugger fit'). I guess you could say that buying a mattress is like a bunch of chocolates...younever know what your gonna get!


Rox said...

I love my bed. I was so unhappy before I got it. Um, I've had it for years, so it doesn't really explain anything. LOL

Glad you'll be sleeping easier!

Unknown said...

Mau, I find I have the same problem with my bed -a big ditch in the middle---- Maybe I should bet the matress inspector to come here....but I've been putting up with it for about 5 years now - maybe it's too late. Still, I'll look into it - you have given me hope...


Anonymous said...

I need a new mattress.