Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Day After Halloween

Halloween is over, and it was a bit disappointing. Everything was ready. I had made 100 goodie bags to hand out. The front porch was decorated. We had dressed up as hippies. The weather was perfect.

Well, almost perfect. The kids didn't come. Sorry, a lot of kids didn't come. Last year, and in years prior, we had anywhere from 75 to 100 little creatures visit. Not this year. For some reason the numbers were down. It was closing in on eight o'clock, and we started handing out 2 and 3 bags just to get rid of it.

When we decided to pull the pin on everything, we stayed dressed as hippies and went to a favourite local restaurant for dinner. That was good.

.......and I love Halloween....even more than Christmas.


jeweledrabbit said...

Do you have any idea why there were fewer kids this year?

Rox said...

We had 20 kids but we live in the country. Everyone I've talked to said they had fewer kids this year and the weather was beautiful! It's weird.

latt├ęgirl said...

Glad you got to show off those hilarious hippie costumes to SOMEONE! I also sashayed about town in a vast hat and dress.

Barb said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I miss dressing up and decorating my house. I miss handy out candy. Nobody comes by. Our apartment is in the back so nobody would even see decorations were we to put some out.

Listen to me.. whine whine whine. :P