Sunday, November 09, 2008

Geekdom Rules on Sunday

As if we didn't have enough computers in the house, it became apparent that another addition was on the horizon. We've been thinking about this off and on for awhile now, and I had considered asking for one for my birthday, but then thought that the money could be better spent elsewhere. As with all things, whim turned to reality, and yesterday, we brought home Silver (my nickname for the new HP Notepad....complete with Windows Vista).

Let me recount exactly how many active computers are in our home. For starters, we both have work Notepads (neither of which belongs to us. If we lose our jobs (God forbid), then we lose those machines). We each have a personal Desktop (purely for the space capacity). Actually, one of us (not me) has a separate Desktop machine (totally built from scratch) for gaming.

Okay, so we are up to 5 machines I think.

We have a very old Thinkpad that we've been using for the boat. That machine is now quite old, very slow, and, at this point, may not serve much more use than being a boat anchor.

Enter Silver. She is a simple yet pretty machine, with a 15.6" screen. The main purpose for this baby is to keep it mobile. We don't want it attached to printers and docking stations. It is meant to be our free-to-move, on-the-spot search machine, instead of having to run upstairs whenever the Web is needed.

Now, as with every new piece of technology, nothing is ever really plug-and-go. There were a few screams last night, all circling around the router's evasive username. Steam began to form upstairs. The air turned a vivid blue color. We needed to engage the wonderful world of global tech support, which accidentally disconnected us, not only once but twice. Hours later, and hopefully a few lessons learned, Silver was connecting to the Internet.

Right now, I am making this blog update from my comfy couch. The sun is trying to stream through the window, and the satellite radio is tuned to an accoustic guitar channel.

Life is good.
One thing. These types of purchases are never conducted while we sit in comfy leather chairs with lattes being served. No way. Instead, we struggle with numbers and decisions while standing in an aisle beside some cash register/computer terminal, under the harsh glare of flourescent lighting. Maybe in the future. Way!


Rox said...

We have two PCs and I have a laptop. Three people live here. It's sick, I tell you!

Congrats on the new lappy!

Anonymous said...

congrats - which model did you go for?

masgblog said...

Silver thanks you....the model is a HP-G60-104CA (the picture is actually the model)

Barb said...

You've been on my mind a lot lately, so I was happy to see your comment.

Computers have become so much a part of our lives that I wonder how we survived without them. I suspect we (as a group) were thinner and got a lot more done.

Me and Mike have tossed around the idea of getting a laptop this year, mostly to take with us on our travels. So far we've been able to put it off until some later date.

It doesn't mean I wouldn't like one, though. :P