Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh Snow!

The view at the front of our house....just buried in snow.
The hills are alive with the sound of snowblowers! How environmentally unfriendly is that?

Winter has a hard grip on us this year. The first dump of snow happened on Novemeber 7th, and, except for a few windows, we have had continual snow ever since. Thank goodness for good neighbours and snow moving vehicles, because we have certainly had a few good snowstorms. The large scattering of snow that we had yesterday was heavy and BIG! Man!

It blew all night long, causing parts of the highway to be closed and numerous accidents(not surprised re the number of accidents....some folks won't slow down no matter what the conditions are).

Just me.....not quite a beach bum picture, but rest assured the bum is cold!

Don't mind me...I'm just the third boot! I thank my whiskers that they didn't make me get out and shovel!

p.s. - Barrie got 45 cm of snow (that's 18 inches y'all)


Anonymous said...

my thought is your pic is as much a drift as snow. Regardless, it was a good dump!
Happy clean up...

masgblog said...

pmg - get technical, that particular drift of snow was the result of yesterday's snowfall, however, our driveways and others nearby were definitely the whole 18 inches. Any way you cut it, it's too much, and we've had ENOUGH ALREADY!