Thursday, March 13, 2008


As you know I have been describing why I had been absent for about a month. Health, stress, work, blah blah. Now, it's not like I feel that I owe an explanation to the teacher, because I don't. I just wanted to get it off my chest.

You by now have figured out, hopefully, that there has been a great deal of stress around here lately. Oh my yes to stress. What is also important to note is that when it comes to work, I somewhat enjoy working in that type of environment. It sounds strange, but that's me.

About 8 years ago, I worked on a highly visible project. All eyes were on it. There were unrealistic deadlines, and fast paced decisions affecting all of us involved. I remember one of those deadlines required us to spend all night at work. I literally had gone into work at 8am and did not return home until 6am the next day. I recall driving home and seeing the sunrise. It was unreal.

That surreal feeling revisited me a few weeks ago.

It was Friday around 5pm. I was asked if I could travel to the US of A on Monday. My head spun. I began to sweat. I tried desperately to get out of it. I really did not want to go. I WAS TO TRAVEL alone! Between this stress and the person with whom I was messaging saying it was urgent that I come down, I found myself receiving managerial authorization to travel...pretty darn quick. Within an hour, my plane ticket was bought and my hotel was reserved.

The weekend was spent packing and getting things ready. Monday would be a long day of course, and it was. It took 9 hours and a non-direct flight to land in warmer climes. At the transfer point in Atlanta, it was 70 degrees. I was in my winter garb, while others around me were in shorts and sandals. I felt a bit odd, but mustered my self together for the next short flight.

Oddly enough, once I got to the hotel, and settled in, things were not so bad. I actually started to enjoy everything, even though it was work. I ordered room service (mostly because I was too pooped to eat in the restaurant). I swam in the pool. After work, I went to relax in the hot tub (note to self - get one of those for home).

It was good to meet the people with whom I had only communicated on the phone, and, not to sound vain, but I think it was also good for them to meet me! I found out where our very own Canada Geese go in the winter time. I saw a few robins, and peonies, and grass. With all of the snow that we've been having this year, this was a welcome change.

When I arrived home, My Sweetie had balloons for me and a welcome home trinket. I think he missed me. He really really missed me.

(I missed him too...and of course BJ).

What I learned from this was that it's not so bad to travel for work. You just have to put a positive spin on things and try to enjoy it. Don't sweat it. Relax and enjoy the ride.

I did.

There is another part to this story...about some of the people I met on the 4 flights.

You'll just have to tune in....wontcha?


Jeni said...

Okie dokie, Paul Harvey. I'm waiting for the "rest of the story"

Anonymous said...

Traveling for work can be fun-sometimes.

latt├ęgirl said...

Hotel and room service... those are the fun parts of work travel!

I'll stay tuned for the other stories...