Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where Do I Start?

It's tough trying to recap a month of basically nothingness, nothingness which seems like nothingness to other people. That nothingness kept me pretty busy.....busy enough not to update my precious online diary.

So here goes.....installment number 1 of nothingness.


I never get sick. My Sweetie visits many people, and brings home all kinds of bugs, and somehow I don't seem to trap any of them in my system. But about a month ago, I nabbed a big one.

Previous to getting the BUG, I had a particularly difficult Pump class. It left me quite tired and wasted. I chalked it up to not eating enough during the day. That evening, however, I developed a fever, accompanied by aches. I remember eating my dinner in my jammies, and feeling like a sick cow.

The next day was a slow day at work. I was able to work, but my head felt like a pillow, and I ended up taking a couple of naps during the day. The fever was now learning to live quite peacefully within me, and was taking up residence. That evening, and the following four days, I was down and out with the flu.

I knew it was a hard one, because it took all of my energy to type a small email to my team saying that I was not going to be at work. You see, working from home allows one to work even when they are sick, so if I sometimes feel under the weather, I can usually still operate at work. This time I could not. I was done. Spent.

Even when the BUG subsided, and I was on the mend, it was still a drain for about a week trying to get tasks done.

Anyway. that was that. My health returned to normal. I was able to get back to my regular gym routine, and life was good again.



Anonymous said...

Ugh, there's always that one bug that'll get to you.

Jeni said...

I'm telling you I have come to the conclusion over the past 2-3 weeks that the virus stuff we tend to think of as affecting only the computer seems to have found a way to travel via e-mail, blogs, whatever, but through the computer because so many, many bloggers (and e-mail friends too) have had the same type of bug and yes, so have the two little people here in this house as well as yours truly here! We were lucky though in that none of us got hit with the stomach crap -just sinus, bronchial and a cough that just never seems to want to leave! Glad you're on the mend now though and here's hoping you stay that way too!