Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday's Feast - One Hundred and Seventy-Six

Welcome to Feast One Hundred & Seventy-Six
Friday, January 18, 2008

Pull up a chair and dig in!
Friday's Feast is a meme of five questions
cooked up by the chef each and every week.

What is your favorite beverage?
  • I love Iced Capps....but I don't have them very often, especially not during the winter because those drinks are just soooo cold.

  • Soup
    Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.
  • My Tiffany lamp, my cup warmer, family kitty things and pics everywhere.

  • Salad
    On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
  • To be honest, I am a 10. I am honest to a fault.

  • Main Course
    If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
  • Not quite sure how to answer this question, so I decided to check out the Net and see what popped up. What I found was a gathering of some pretty odd names of cities. Would I change them? Probably not. That's just the rebel in me I guess. Living wild (heh).
      Ypsilanti, Michigan

      French Lick, Indiana

      Hell, Texas

      Iran, Texas

      ***** Island, Newfoundland

      Intercourse, Pennsylvania

      Condom, France

      Batman, Turkey

      Hornytown, North Carolina

      Satans Kingdom, Vermont

      Lord Herefords Knob, Scotland

      ******'s Corner, Oregon

  • Dessert
    What stresses you out? What calms you down?
  • Work usually stresses me out, but exercise always calms me down.

    Nikki Neurotic said...

    I believe there's also a Hell in Michigan. I've been to Intercourse, PA's about three hours from where I live. Ironically enough, there's a large population of Amish there.

    Jeni said...

    There's also a "Blue Ball" in Pennsylvania too, ya know. Loved that list of towns with names you'd love to change!

    latt├ęgirl said...

    Holy shite! I thought you were making up those city names. I vote for Hell, Texas.

    Barb said...

    Yes, there is a Hell, Michigan. We went there last year, came home and had the biggest fight we ever had.

    Maybe next time we should visit Climax, Michigan. (Wink.)

    You've been tagged with the Linky Love 2008 meme.

    masgblog said...

    Guess that's what they mean when they say 'been to Hell and back'...heh heh