Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wine and Dine

First of all, Happy New Year all! May 2008 be a most excellent one for you.

We almost stayed home last night, then in our usual state of unplanned-ness, we ventured out to perhaps have a nice, quiet dinner somewhere. It was early in the evening, around 5pm. One of our favourite places was already overflowing in the parking lot, so we drove away and wondered where to go next. Our choices were limited by My Sweetie's apparel, who was dressed in jeans, albeit nice, expensive jeans.

We decided to try a downtown place that was new for us, but had been recommended. The price was not bad....not cheap, but not horrendous considering it was New Year's Eve. We still had the issue of Sweetie's apparel to deal with, so we left without a reservation, and drove across town so that he could put his ball gown on (kidding). We finally called in a reservation, and were lucky to get an early seating spot.

The place was nicely outfitted for the occasion, and the food was fantastic. It was a set menu for the evening, so no choices...but then there was also no need.

Now, back to my title post 'Wine and Dine'. As we were eating, I was watching people pass by and getting ready to join countless others for the eve. I was slowly getting fired up to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

My new theme is '6 feet under or 6 feet over...your choice'. I prefer the latter, and to ring in the new year with other alive bodies. I am one of those people who love to be outside with hundreds or thousands of strangers, all ushering in the new year and freezing our butts off. I deplore being stuck in a bar, watching other people get smashed (personal note - I do not drink alcohol of any kind).

This year, our city hosted the Canadian rock band April Wine, a popular band from the early 70's who still make music. I had seen them waaaay back in the 70's when they played at Place des Nations in Montreal. I remember them being a band worth seeing. I really wanted to be able to see them again, so over dinner, we decided that we would head home, change into warm clothes, and get a spot in the downtown square with 15 thousand other revellers.

Now, back to dinner for a minute. We were in the middle of our dinner, and the table near us had just been served dessert. Two of the diners had to suddenly leave. Sweetie thought this was odd behaviour, and said that if he didn't know better, he would think that it could be someone form the band leaving to get ready.

......now wouldn't that be funny....

...but it was TRUE!!! When the band came on stage, there he was! Breen Leboeuf!!! We wined and dined with Breen Leboeuf of April Wine!!

....well, not quite but sort of....and it was enough to make my evening....



Jeni said...

Tres chic, don't 'cha think? I'd be a bit on cloud nine too had I had an opportune dining experience like that!

Nikki Neurotic said...

Happy New Year...and yes, I am back. :)

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!!