Sunday, January 27, 2008

This Time of Year

This is the doldrums time of year for me. It's hump time. That time when we reach the midpoint of the winter season, and start to dream of warmer temperatures and green grass and sailing.

It's also that time of year for sickness and flu bugs....and that's where I've been. A bit buggy.

The past five days have been spent resting under blankets, sweating a lot, and drinking hot liquids.


Today I am feeling 90 percent better. The fever is gone (as are the associated aches), and I am eating normal food again.

Still have clogged nose and mild cough.

The worst part of this has been that I missed the Bodyjam 43 launch last Thursday night. One of my gym buds sent me some YouTube videos to see what I missed.



Nikki Neurotic said...

Ugh, glad you are feeling better now. My dad's sick.

Jeni said...

I got a nasty cold the day before New Year's Eve which had me in its grip for close to two weeks - sinus gone haywire, coughing - only thing I DIDN'T have was the flu type stuff with the upset stomach and such. Thankfully. The nose, throat, chest junk was more than enough misery. Hope to heck that means I have now hit my cold quota for this winter -better yet, for the whole year!
Glad you're beginning to feel better though.