Friday, January 11, 2008

Boat Show Countdown

For some time now, I have had the Boat Show Countdown on my sidebar. It's finally here....tomorrow!

This is a big schmooze day for us. We usually meet up with fellow sailors (well mostly sailors....there might be a few stink potters there).

It'll be a long day for sure, with lots of walking and ogling of pretty vessels. I'd like to find a new sit-on kayak if there are any to be had. Usually there are a number of companies that show up with their 'stuff'.

The Boat Show is also the time when we begin our countdown to launch day, based on the number of garbage days left. So, from tomorrow then, til say April 25th, there will be 15 garbage days left.

Pretty stinky way of looking at things, but keeps us going.

Happy sailing!


Jeni said...

I'm betting you will have a fantastic time at the boat show. Now what is a "Stink potter?"

terry said...

i think that's a clever way to countdown to launch day! funny.