Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Solstice

Today is June 21st.....time for the official arrival of summer.....debut de l'ete....Summer Solstice....longest day of the year. They say it's going to be a long and hot summer in this neck of the woods, and that is perfecto for us.

Here in Sleepy Hollow, today is also noted for nasty graffiti painted on the pavement of our street, and speeding tickets.

Oh, and flying ants (yes, flying ants). It's bad enough when ants walk, in great numbers in armies, but when they fly, then land, then march, you would think that would require talent. Well, I guess for an ant it does. Except that today I am finding these flying creatures everywhere; okay, maybe I am not finding them......our Feline Family Members are finding them for me. The ants uncleverly land somewhere, usually somewhere in front of the Feline Family Members, and the furry friends stand frozen, staring at the floor. Then that's my cue to go over and either rescue the flying ant (usually not an option) or put it out of its misery (the preferred option). Pity the poor flying ant.

Cheers to the arrival of summer. And watch out for flying ants.

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