Thursday, June 29, 2006

Door-To-Door SalesPeople

It's the usual situation. You know it. You've been there. Doorbell rings. You run to answer it. Person is standing there with clipboard resting on one arm, pen in hand. Maybe there's an identifying badge hanging around their neck. Maybe not. They look anxiously at your door, straightening their clothing. hoping that you'll answer, so that they can lure you into what they have to offer. Usually it's the same thing.

Except for today. Today was a little different. This person was offering special cable services for a cheaper rate than anyone else (of course! What other angle would YOU use?). So, after they say what they are pushing, I mention that we are totally with the competitor.

The response from the SalesPerson?

"Well, that sucks."

My response?

Maybe for you, but not for us!

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