Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kitty In A Basket

Kitties will do the darndest things sometimes, as evidenced by the following photo of Mister Feline Family Member.

This particular basket held a few balls of wool, and over the past while, Mister Feline Family Member has taken to nuzzling the wool and getting downright comfortable in the basket. Maybe they smell like his mummy. Maybe they feel the way she used to feel. I don't know. He used to do this a long time ago with an Icelandic wool sweater.

There is a ritual that is followed each time he approaches the basket. He must circle it, then sniff the contents, then, one by one, he tosses a ball or two outside of the basket. Then he scratches around in the basket, like he does when he's in the litter box (except that he's not about to litter, or whatever). The end result is that he wants to rest in the basket, even though he is too big to fit entirely inside it. When he is completely done burying and sniffing, he plops himself outside of the basket, and rests his head on the edge.

Just too cute for words.

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Barb said...

You describe things so well I can picture it!