Saturday, June 24, 2006

Getting A Head of Things

It's a beautiful day here at BYC. Hot hot hot, and the wireless is up to par today, and so this gives me an opportunity for a quick blog.

Today is the day that the old toilet comes out of the head and the new toilet gets installed. This sounds easy enough. You just remove the old toilet, and install the new toilet. Right? Well, maybe not so. The old toilet has been in pace for the age of the vessel in which it sits......27 years to be exact. That means that things pretty much like to be where they are. The Captain has been working at this '1 hour job' for more than an hour now. The air is turning a little blue, and the final call for a service technician has been sent. This is the current status of things. The old toilet has departed, and the saviour technician is standing by to install the new beast. We should be at end of job in another couple of hours probably. Can't wait to try that new seat!!

Happy Fete de la Sainte Jean to everybody.......and we even got the day off too!

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