Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Voice from a Window

First of all, I want to thank those who have returned to visit my blog. It is nice to see followers once again, and to follow on a regular basis.

In a past post, I talked a bit about where I now live. The area has a mish-mush of residents. Some are single (actually a LOT are single), but there are also quite a few families (I know this because the school bus route passes by my window, and I get to see the little buttons meeting up with their Mommies).

There are also a few century homes here. At first, I thought that these homes were inhabited by a single family. I later learned that these places have been converted into multiple apartments. One of these buildings is across the street from me, containing four apartments. All of the residents are quiet, in fact. I have only seen one of them.

Until today....when I heard a voice from one of the upper windows.

The building is for sale, and the owner is usually there to try and fix one thing or another. While he was there today, I looked out and saw him looking up and talking to one of the upper windows. The voice was asking for something cold to drink ?!? Now, I have been here almost a month, and have never seen anyone there.

Maybe vampires?!?


Rox said...

Has someone been reading Twilight perhaps? :o)

I'm curious about the move, how it came about...I'm nosy that way!

And thanks to Google Reader, I can catch up even if you don't post for a year!

masgblog said...

I can't find your email :(

jeweledrabbit said...

Maybe he was talking to ghosts. ;)

Unknown said...

Glad to be reading your blog again, Mau! I can keep up with you that way. I didn't know you could sing! Sweet...