Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cottage

Two weeks ago, I moved away from Barrie and closer to the city, but still outside in a relatively small town. My house is referred to as The Cottage, and the surrounding nearby area is referred to is similar to a cottage community.....small, quaint, and friendly. This is not suburbia with cookie cutter homes. The houses are all quite old, and have their own sense of character (and, yes, there is a melange of characters that may dwell here). There are big, old trees everywhere. I have a woodpecker who lives on top of the telephone pole just outside my house. There are cardinals and bluejays, squirrels, and many neighbourhood cats.

I have a garden and a backyard that I am not quite sure what to do with yet, in fact, I am slightly intimidated by all of it. Maybe there are garden teachers out there who give lessons on these things.

BJ has settled in pretty nicely. He spends the nights with me, and part of the day. He has found a neat spot of ducting, and there he prefers to hide when strangers visit. I am okay with this. I can always go and see him whenever I want, since I know where that spot is. He is happy and I am happy if he is happy. He has also discovered the windows, which allow him to see 'stuff'. I think he likes that too.

This afternoon, I spent some time with a Contractor who is going to do some work for me. This is Contractor #2, however. Contractor #1 was supposed to be doing the work once I moved in, but there were a few problems. For one, he never returned my phone calls, and for another, due to his nationality, I could not understand him (and I have the strong feeling that he could not answer me as well). Contractor #2 came as a referral through another referral. So far, I am quite happy with what he has been doing.,,,and he is I understand him (yay!). He even came shopping with me today to pick out a new door for the side of the house, and window blinds (since most of my windows were bare, and I was tired of feeling that I was living in a fish bowl). He even installed 4 of the crucial ones for me....another yay! I think that Contractor #2 is going to work out fine.

Have a good weekend peeps....


jeweledrabbit said...

LOL I agree there were definitely problems with contractor #1.

Jeni said...

Sounds like things are really coming together there for you. Now, how soon are you gonna start to post some pictures of your new "digs?"

And will someone please explain this darned "Followers-Friends" thingy to me? Used to be so easy to hit the follow button and presto-magic, everything was in order but now, this friends thing has me totally confused. Okay -I know that doesn't take much to confuse me but why does anything with technology -especially when done by Google -have to be in their language and not mine, which is very simple, easy to read and follow, directions?

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your move. I love a place with character. Good luck with the contraqctor.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot