Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Hobbies

A few months ago, I began meeting up with one of my cousins at an establishment which featured a Blues Jam. What is a Blues Jam you may ask. Well, it is an afternoon of, mostly, blues music, with the stage featuring a core group of talented musicians. In addition, anyone can get up and join in, either in a vocal capacity or with any instrument they play. On any Sunday there might be sax players, trumpet players, slide guitars, and the list goes on. Lately, there have been two very talented young guitarists - one who is 16 and plays like the next Stevie Ray, and the other who is classically trained, but can play anything. Both of these fellows always command the attention of the audience. We also have a keyboard player who used to play with the band Max Webster.

Now, for the longest time, I would just be a part of the audience. I would order a light lunch and become immersed in the music, escaping the world for a few hours. It was also a fine opportunity to bond with my cousin. Then one day I was asked if I could sing backup on a song or two. Now, I can sing. I sang in the Sears choir for 5 years. I sing in the shower and in the car, but have never sung into a front of people....until this one day. But, when I finally did this, I had a blast. I even had a few people come up to me later saying 'I didn't know that you could sing'. I was thrilled. After that, I continually kept coming out to the Blues Jam, and would pick up the odd percussion instrument...tambourine, shakers, maracas, whatever was handy.

Today, the jam was at one of the band members homes in the country, with the stage set up on his deck. What a perfect day. I was onstage for the entire afternoon. I played various percussion instruments. I sang backup a few times. But, the greatest part of this is that I learned that I am going to have a dedicated mike for me!!!


Stay tuned.....

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jeweledrabbit said...

I love the blues and I can sing too. I guess that's a few more things we have in common. ;)