Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stunned Silence

When I left the gym this evening, I glanced up at the televisions which were displaying some shocking news... ..that Michael Jackson was dead. Now, I am sitting here in stunned silence, watching the assorted coverage of his life.

Love him or hate him, he was one of the world's top performers. Remember the MoonWalk, and that silver glove, and Thriller.

I will mostly recall him as the adorable little guy with the Jackson 5. He was one of the five brothers who went on to be something huge.

Yes, he had a sordid past which overshadowed everything else that was possibly positive. Yes, he was a child molestor. Yes, he was a little strange. But he was also incredibly generous, probably almost to a fault. Remember Neverland.

He will now join Farrah Fawcett, who also left this earth today. Though her passing was expected, the beloved Charlie's Angel is now at peace.

Two great people gone in one day. Life is short and oh so fragile.

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Rox said...

Fame is a weird drug.

I feel for Farrah and her family. Having just recently watched the special she did which dealt with her cancer, I'm so sad for her today instead.