Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tales from the Campaign Trail

You just never know what to expect on the campaign trail. Last night was one of those nights.

We were in an elite part of the city. Beautiful waterfront homes nestled among old trees. Sailboats were out on the water for a dinnertime race (not much wind though). Quite spectacular.

Of course, as in any area these days, renovations were visible at various homes.

We came upon one house that was in the middle of renovations, when something caught our eye. Just below the eaves there were three baby raccoons, hanging on and remaining very still and quiet. They could see us on the ground and wanted to 'blend'. Well, they didn't blend that well, because we could see them, and hear their scratching as they tried to ramble their way to their 'home' in the roof.

Later, as we were ending our visits, we could see one of the babies huddled high atop a tree.

Who knows what will be out there tonight?

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Anonymous said...

Those sneaky little bandits!