Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love Affair with a Sweater

After Steve H. broke his own law in order to propel our nation into yet another election (and for some of us it has been an election a year), he started his (ahem) campaign with a new look. He donned fuzzy sweaters. This was supposed to create a warmer image of the man. This was supposed to display a softer side of the man who is known as king control freak.

For the life of me, I still don't get what people are in love with. The man has zero charisma. All he can announce to the public is yet another doom and gloom bully promise....fighting crime...fighting criminals....imprisoning 14 year olds.

It is known that this party cuts funding to the Arts....a big no-no. They claim that ordinary people are not interested in the Arts. But I find it interesting that while they made the Arts cuts, often the Arts are only available to the wealthy. That is the one demographic that this party caters to and is hitting at the same time. Interesting thought.

They don't give a hoot about anyone except the wealthy. They don't give a hoot about the poor and the homeless, about women, about gays. They will go to great lengths to pump buckeroos into big business....probably the same big business that pollutes our air with toxins. Oh, forgot, they don't have a plan for taking care of the environment, so it's okay to freely pollute the atmosphere. No charge!

Be careful of the bullies that you might elect into power. Don't let that fuzzy sweater distract you. And above all, beware of politicians who never look you in the eye.

Just like that box of chocolates....ya never know what yer gonna git!


Barb said...

Hello! :)

Politics are a HUGE thing here, too. I know who I'm voting for, but it's true that you never really know what you're going to get.

Jeni said...

Ah, I see many of those who claimed to be politicians here in the States appear to have migrated up north, to your neck of the woods.
Bullies, indeed! The whole bloody lot of 'em!

latt├ęgirl said...

This would be just about the right time of the year for Mr. H's party to donate (to much public hoopla by the media/party faithful) a whole whack of fuzzy sweaters to the homeless, instead of donning one himself, at the behest of his handlers, in a fruitless bid to appear homier and more approachable.

I can't believe I just wrote that a) because it's a long sentence and b) because I am so apathetic about politics as to be almost catatonic when the subject arises.

Anonymous said...

That sounds scarily familiar actually.

Smalltown RN said...

how very true....Harper is very I said in my post...he just reminds me of a wax mortician....bringing nothing to the table...has total disregard for social issues and this country if you ask me...he's more concerned about lining his own pockets...very reminicent of the Mulroney era...I don't buy it...I have never ever liked Harper I think he is a very dangerous man....sad thing where are the alternatives?

masgblog said...

I am biased of course, as my sidebar indicates. I support the Liberals, and Dion. He is a man of integrity and honesty. That much is for sure.

Parlancheq said...

Hmm, sounds like the ones we have down here in the US of A as well. Must be contagious. ;)