Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Family of Sorts

Since the political world is on the radar for me and my blog, I will continue with a few stories.

In my last post I talked about when we got involved with politics. It wasn't just a fleeting thought. It was the last Federal election. January 2006. I was growing increasingly angry at what I was hearing from the 'then' Progressive Conservatives. I despised the leader, even before he became the party leader. I had to do something to vent this anger. The gym wasn't able to provide a suitable outlet. I was still angry. I needed something more.

I decided to call up the local Liberal campaign office to see if there was something that I could do. They welcomed me with open arms. There were so many things to get involved with. Door to door canvassing, phoning, office work, receptionist, signs, articles....you name it, and it had to be done.

We canvassed people's homes. A lot. Mostly, people were polite, whether or not they held the same political beliefs as we did. I probably only had one door slammed in my face. Not bad.

Of course we lost that year. The wake was not fun. People were crying, though I did not understand what at that time. The Progressive Conservatives became the Conservatives. No ,more Progressive (that says a lot).

What we didn't know then was that the future would hold a Provincial election. Again we got involved with similar activities. This time our hard work paid off with a victory. Let me tell you that victory is certainly a lot easier to take than defeat, especially with so much that goes into this very short timeframe. I felt exuberant at the win. I saw those more closely involved absolutely over the moon. Again I did not quite understand.

Now we are in another election, an election that was not supposed to happen until NEXT year. The PM even had to break the law to get it...that's how badly he wanted to thrust the country into another expensive election, during hard economic times.

Anyway, the bottom line, for me, is that I now understand the emotions of others. You can make some really good friends. There is always open-minded discussion available. There is always something sweet in the candy bowl. Sometimes there's a free BBQ. And there are hugs...they go a long way.

I want our party to win. I want our local candidate to win. I will feel over the moon if we win, and I will cry if we lose.

I finally understand.


latt├ęgirl said...

Yay Liberals!

Rox said...

Imagine, for a moment, being American. Thank God we live in Canada. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Why did the election have to get changed?

I can barely keep up with American politics-let alone Canadian.